Mr. Xu Baiyi is Director of the Institute of Chinese Classical Painting and Professor in the Fine Arts Department at Jilin University. Known for his expertise inclassical Chinese painting as well as his innovations with modern artistic forms, Mr.Xu is one of the most highly esteemed contemporary painters in China.

In 2012, Mr. Xu was invited to the Chairman Mao Mausoleum Museum to create the first piece of art commissioned for that monument in 35 years. Adept at all areas of painting, his current focus is landscape painting, Changbai Mountain and the Songliao Basin being among his favorite subjects. His work combines traditional Chinese painting style and modern artistic elements, creating a new genre of very beautiful painting that is at the same time realistic and abstract. Utilizing realistic forms of expression to evoke a metaphysically sublime realm that cannot be seen but only felt, he has created a new genre of abstract painting with landscapes that are quiet,lyrical, and deeply comforting.