Exhibition Guidelines, Eligibility Requirements and Fees


Brush with Nature, Asian Brush Artists Guild annual exhibition 2022
Open to all paid ABAG members and Instructors
Some guidelines:
• Originality: Artwork must be an original composition.
• Authenticity: Artwork must exhibit a faithfulness to the subject by capturing the
essence, spirit and vitality of the subject.
• Dynamic: Artwork should exhibit good balance, clear focal point, effective use of
variation and contrast in shapes, lines and tones.
• The composition should convey movement and flow to guide the viewer through the
• Masterful: Artwork should display skilled, strong accurate brushwork, bold or
delicate as appropriate; good control of moisture, artful blending of tones and colors.
• Aesthetics: Effective use of tonal range and color; strong contrasts, nuances of tone,
achieve depth and space, appropriate coloring with effective use of vibrant and soft

Labeling Paintings (see attached label form).
Please complete the Entry Label and attach as follows:
Attach one label securely to the back upper right portion of your painting.
Attach one label with a piece of tape to the top of the frame so it may
be clearly read from the front of the painting. The remaining label section is
your receipt.
The Hammond requests that you email your list of paintings to the Interim
Director, Melissa Ralston Jones, with the title, size and medium.

Presentation of Paintings
 Artwork should be mounted, backed and framed in a professional manner in
either wooden or black, gold or silver metal frames.
 Artwork must be wired and ready to hang. The wire should be attached to the
upper 3rd portion of the frame. No sawtooth type hangers.
 Make sure your frame and glass/acrylic are spotlessly clean.
 No prints are to be exhibited in place of original artwork.
 No unframed work will be accepted for exhibit. Exception: properly mounted
hanging scrolls.
 Size of framed artwork not to exceed 60” inches in either direction and
very small pieces may be limited.