Demonstrations and Workshops

Our workshops this spring will develop brush painting skills in ink through two
classic subjects—bamboo and orchid, the first two of the well-loved “Four
Gentlemen” of Chinese brush painting. Award-winning artist Judy Giguere will be
our instructor for all of the workshops, providing continuity and opportunities for
review that will enable participants to develop their skills as they progress from
one workshop to the next. Multi-level instruction will enable beginners to learn the
basics of brush painting while allowing more experienced artists to hone their
Materials for Spring 2022 Workshops: Please bring some newspaper, a few
dishes to use as palettes, a container for water (plastic is fine), and some paper
towels. For those who have brush painting materials, please bring your rice paper,
felt, Chinese or Japanese sumi-e black ink and brushes. (You will need a firm
brush such as an Orchid-Bamboo or Mountain Horse brush.) For those who do not
yet have these materials, we can supply some paper and ink, but we recommend
you acquire a brush and some felt to place under your paper. Blueheronarts.com
offers a reasonably priced set of three brushes (Basic Three Brushes for $19) as
well as higher quality brushes. A limited supply of Mountain Horse brushes may
also be available at the workshops for $20 for those who would like to reserve one
in advance.

The Church of St. Mary the Virgin in Chappaqua,
Demo and Workshop 1 – 4:30
Lesson 1: Brush Painting in Ink-- Bamboo, Part 1

Bamboo, perhaps the most revered subject in Chinese brush painting, is also the
perfect place to learn and practice the strokes essential to this art form. Participants
will learn how to hold the brush, use water and ink to create a range of tones,
understand moisture control, and formulate each stroke to create the structural
elements of bamboo: stem, knot, branches, and leaves. There will then be practice
of simple compositions.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6 at the Hammond Museum,
Demo 11:30 -1, Workshop 1 - 4
Lesson 2: Brush Painting in Ink-- Bamboo, Part 2

Skills introduced in Part 1 will be reviewed, and more complex leaf groupings will
be taught: “the crescent moon,” “fish tails,” “goldfish tails,” and “the swallow.”
After practicing these groupings, participants will work on compositions using
these leaf clusters to correctly form pleasing and dynamic bamboo paintings.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 3 at the Hammond Museum
Demo 11:30-1:00, Workshop 1 – 4
Lesson 3: Brush Painting in Ink-- Orchid, Part 1

The work begun in previous workshops on bamboo will be reviewed with time for
questions and feedback on paintings. The new focus will be on the Chinese orchid,
including its symbolism. The class will include brush holding, use of ink tones and
water, how to make long, graceful orchid leaves. This leaf has many uses, not just
for the orchid, but for many other plants and animals as well, even folds in
clothing. It is expressive in its simplicity.
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6 at the Hammond Museum
Demo 11:30 - 1, Workshop 1 – 4
Lesson 4: Brush Painting in Ink-- Orchid, Part 2

This lesson will be a review of the previous three, including brush holding,
moisture control, and creating a range of ink tones. The delicate flower of the
orchid will be introduced. It has a shape similar to a Chinese spoon, and the tone is
lighter and gentler than the leaves. Forming the flower is a challenge as well, and
students will learn how to move the brush to create the shape of each petal. After
practicing flowers and stems, the class will move to orchid compositions.